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dcdykes's Journal

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This is a social event and discussion community for D.C/NoVA/Maryland dykes and our friends (including FTMs who consider themselves a part of the dyke community).

Speaking of social, where do you like to go out? So far in D.C. there's Chaos on Wednesdays (drag kinging the first Wed of the month, queer burlesque on the third Wednesday), the Phase seems to hop on Friday nights, there's Lure on Saturdays now and of COURSE the DC Eagle on the fourth Wednesday of the month...what else?

How about politics, volunteerism, hell, even shopping? Where (and why) do the DC/MD/VA dykes go to do the fun shit, anyway?

This community is for us, and this space can be updated as often as necessary with regular dyke and dyke-friendly places or events.

Here are some community guidelines:

1) Introduce yourself! Tell us why you joined, where you hang out in the DC or DC Metro area, or what you'd like to see in dcdykes. Post if you're looking for movie buddies, know a queer friendly doctor, etc. You get the idea!

2) Don't flame. No trolls allowed! Anyone who breaks this rule will be swiftly banned.

3) Please do not post any quiz results or stuff not related to dykes and our friends in the DC Metro area.